Welcome to the World Caitlyn!

So...here we are...as I am typing this, my husband Sven is laughing hysterically at Bruce Jenner's ...err..uhh...Caitlyn Jenner's new entourage.

His comment is this:  "That dude just had so much money and bought everything he wanted that the only thing left was to have a sex change and try something different.  Ha ha ha. It's just ridiculous."

I suppose a lot of people feel this way about Caitlyn...Bruce...Caitlyn.

See...I'm not sure what to say.  Why?

Because I don't know Bruce or Caitlyn.

I also don't read up enough on pop culture to know if it's been discussed or anything like that.

I use to look at those magazines in the rack at Walmart and wonder why they heck people would buy People magazine.

IN a lot of ways, I have discovered it is the same reason that people go to the bar and socialize.  It's because it's a nice way to get your mind off of things and relax a little.

I've always been a tough nut to crack.

My mother thought I was depressed ( and I was) when I was a kid and wondered why I never talked to adults.



....Welll I mean when you have a father that tried to kill you twice by choking you (that you know of), chased after you with a belt because you laughed when your brother tickled you, accused you of being possessed by Satan because you questioned why he never came to visit you.....You kind of get a little bitter and don't trust adults as a kid.   The ones that were suppose to protect me didn't.

My mother eventually did, but I believe it was after the damage had already been done.

Having spent a decade teaching students from a low income school district that was inoculated with kids like me...and some of them had it worse (sad to say), I have come to realize that the quirks and cracks that make you who you are start DEEP DEEP into the very first remnants of you as a cell. (I truly believe that).

The moment you begin to exist, you begin to experience the world and it is those experiences built upon other and then more and more that make you who you are.   I think we might have a threshold of experiences that our mind/cells/chi/energy is willing to take in before it stops and shuts down parts that are not working for it.

For me?

It was socializing with adults....and others really.   If I didn't get too close, I didn't have to talk and possible make them made and then take on the wrath of their hand or the sting of the hate in their voice.

I've always considered myself a very happy ecstatic person...but when I am faced with violence....fear overcomes me and the powerful person I thought I was is nonexistent.  I break, I fall apart and I cry...even as an adult.

I struggle to understand mean.   I know why it exists (the whole ying and yang thing) but I have no clear understanding of it beyond that because I believe good is so right and given to all of us that it perplexes me as to how people can let go of it.  Good, doing good, being good...all of it....it just aligns with my soul and makes me beam. I love making people smile and I love motivating people.

So what's all this have to do with Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn? Perhaps Caitlyn is the free Bruce.  The happy one, the one who emits more happiness in the world and Bruce recognized that and followed it.

Who in the world would blame a man for doing that?  No one should.   If he is willing to up the happiness energy in the universe because he is pursuing his dream, his happiness....then I say go for it Bruce!

Caitlyn...give me a call!  I'd love to talk business with ya! 🙂

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