Looking for the best gemini resources.

Since I'm a gemini, I always appreciate finding things that allow me to enjoy my gemini birthday and so I've collected a series of things along the way that I want to share with my other gemini buddies out there:

I really adore this leather gemini bracelet that I got a while back because it allows me to proudly wear and show that I am a gemini.

It makes me feel one with myself and the bracelet is adjustable so if I want, I can wear i t on my ankle too. I get in the mood to do that sometimes, so I do!

It reminds me of all those celtic bracelets and necklaces you often see at Irish fairs and stuff so I really like that i can find this because I rarely see zodiac sign jewelry out there.

Plus it's a great go to gift if you can't decide what to get someone for their birthday. You just go here and get yourself one of these and that's it. It's so easy. Of course you can always follow it up with an interesting book like this one:

But I find myself rather bored with books these days and prefer to use my electronic books....espeicially since I moved into my new home in Indiana with my guy pal. (We are quite married yet...but it will happen)

Here's another great find I found just today:

I'm a huge huge fan of pendant necklaces and I can never decide which ones I like most. The most recent one I got was a tree of life one but unfortunately it was ripped off by a kid I was baby sitting so I'm on the search for a new pendant necklace.

Well..that's all today.

I'll talk about something more interesting next time.

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